Marketing made easy from Get Savvy Club

#073: Become the Leading Authority with Brenda Gabriel

April 6, 2021

In this weeks episode of Marketing Made Easy from Get Savvy Club, Anita Baldwin & Anna Geary catch up with PR Superstar Brenda Gabriel.

Brenda Gabriel specialises in getting entrepreneurs ready to be known as the leading authority in their industry. 

A freak accident completely changed the direction of Brenda’s life when she realised she didn’t want to leave this world where she was! (Listen in to see where that was)! 

Brenda works with her clients closely to not only get known but to increase their influence, income and impact. They talk about the importance of getting involved & doing the right PR along with making sure her clients are ready to become famous in their industries. 


The bottom line is key to Brenda too.. she wants her clients to profit from the PR not just get in Forbes for purely vanity reasons!


Really interesting & insightful episode. To find out more about Brenda go to her website.



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